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About Us and Our History

History of the Lehigh Valley Snowmobile Association (Club)

On January 12, 1971 an article appeared in the Morning Call inviting snowmobilers in the Lehigh Valley area to form a snowmobile club. Twenty-Five snowmobilers came to this first meeting. They were young and many had families.

Over the next few months organizational meetings were held. Officers and Board of Directors were elected and the Clubs By-Laws were written. These officers and members had hopes and dreams for their club. The first of many came on June 15, 1972 when the Lehigh Valley Club became incorporated.

As time went on snowmobilers rode wherever and whenever there was snow, but they still needed a place to ride. Determined officers found such a place, it was Mohr’s Orchards. The only requirement of the club to use this land was to pay $1.00 a year to lease and patrol the land. Patrolling meant checking out riders and making sure that they are not destroying or littering on Mohr’s property. Another plus that come along with the land lease was an old building, which the club could fix-up and use as our “Club house”. Work parties were formed to fix the leaky roof, replace siding on weather beaten sides, cleaning the interior and putting in a wood burning stove made out of 2 x 55 gallon drums. The outside grounds also needed work and eventually the “Club House” had electric and a portable restroom.

Our “Club House” was the center of many fun filled events. In the summers there were family picnics held at the “Club House” and in the fall there were hayrides, Halloween parties and hoagie making. But the best time was winter after a big snowfall. Games on snowmobiles were organized where families could enjoy the outing roasting hot dogs, eating snacks and drinking hot chocolate back at the “Club House”.

Wanting more the Lehigh Valley Snowmobile Club became a member of the Civil Defense. During a state of emergency members were stationed at fire companies and hospitals. Snowmobilers rode behind these emergency vehicles on streets and major highways. They also helped rescue stranded motorists trying to get home to their worried families.

Members wanted to ride their sleds somewhere else besides the land that we leased so snowmobiling trips were planned to ride in PA, NY, ME, MI and Yellowstone. Sometimes all the rooms at a single motel/hotel would all be reserved by the Lehigh Valley Snowmobile Club.

When the lease land was sold and became a housing developments we not only lost our lease but the “Club house” as well. Even after 38 years in existence these small bumps didn’t let us down. We still continue to have informative monthly meetings, plan club trips for the members and still make the best hoagies in the Lehigh Valley.

** Out of the original 25 members, there are 4 members in the LVSA today.
1. Mary Strock (lifetime member)
2. Al Perna
3. Lillie Perna
4. Millie De Bellis